Diary of an estate agent

The opening of a new office and a meeting with a heart-stopping Italian sportsman has our West Chelsea agent popping a cork to celebrate
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© Merrily Harpur (harpur.org)


It’s opening day of the new west Chelsea office and we all gather in front of the huge red ribbon, causing queues of traffic to slow down to see what is going on.

And with that, our doors swing open to the public and we take our prominent corner spot on Fulham Road and Drayton Gardens. The office looks electric and sexy! Moments later, our first local client walks through the door, requesting a market appraisal on a top-floor flat in Drayton Gardens.

This afternoon I receive a call from an old client saying she spotted me in the window as she whizzed by. Being in a goldfish bowl has its benefits. She alerts me to two properties owned by friends of hers that will be selling imminently on her street. It’s exciting news as these will no doubt be big and beautiful houses.


We host the divisional meeting this morning, where all of the central London offices gather for a powwow on past and future plans.

After our meeting I open the diary to find four market appraisals - properties ranging from two-bedroom flats to family homes on desirable streets. This part of Chelsea has always been popular with the younger local crowd and French/Italian buyers, anything from the entry-level, two-bedroom flat at £800,000 to the start-up family looking for their first £3million home.

It’s a busy day and I finally leave at 8pm, which proves that our weekday closing time of 9pm is worth it.


Three more market appraisals, including two in golden postcodes. One of the flats we are invited to see is in a prime address and is refurbished beautifully - ideal for the sophisticated banker types who populate this coveted area.

After a quick whizz round we are eager to handle it. A few phone calls later, the client agrees to sign with us on a sole agency basis. Job done!

Later in the day I take out my hottest Italian buyer to view a stylish family home in SW10. He is a famous sportsman looking to move up the property ladder as he is getting ready to start a family. The first viewing goes well and he hints at making an offer.


A busy day with lots of old contacts and clients popping in to say hello. One in particular comes in to get some advice on his property. It has been on the market for some time with no offers.

He hints at wanting to increase his asking price, as he is aware of how little there is on the market. We chat through a strategy. He agrees to remove the property from the market and relaunch it in a few weeks with us as the sole agent - great result!


The week has practically evaporated in a flurry of activity and seven wonderful new instructions. We see two great houses this morning. The owner of one of them invited us round as he thought the smart notepad we had popped through his door was clever; the other confesses that he just liked the look of our new shop.

I rush off to meet my favourite Italian sportsman. Later, just as we are packing away, everyone in the office receives a bottle of champagne from our head of residential sales, thanking us all for getting the place up on its feet. Now that’s what I call a good end to the week. Cheers!

Stacy Sims is an associate at Strutt & Parker, west Chelsea (020 7373 1010)

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