Diary of an estate agent

Our Fulham agent drags a viewer away from his pint, warns a landlady off tenants seeking a chill-out room and then ups the rent all round
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Diary of an estate agent cartoon
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Maybe it is thoughts of spring, but today we get loads of new lettings instructions, from small, two-bedroom flats suitable for sharers to five-bedroom houses off the New King’s Road. And we have great stock levels, so it’ll be a week crammed with viewings.


Just got instructed on a beautiful three-bedroom property in the heart of Parsons Green, which will walk out. I email photos and floor plans to all suitable applicants before it’s even showing on our website and get three viewings booked in immediately.

When each of them books a second viewing I am sure this will enter a bidding war and we’ll get well over the asking price. The landlady has done all the right things and repainted and carpeted throughout - worth the investment, it’s looking immaculate.

I decide to spend the evening whizzing around to late viewings, but I can tell it’ll be worth it. After spotting an enormous attic/study that the landlady didn’t point out on the valuation, I call an applicant (who had previously said the place was just too small) to take a second look and arrange to meet him there.

When I ask if I can drop him anywhere after the viewing he tells me that I’ve already dragged him away from a full pint and he’d quite like to get back to it.

He must have downed the pint and gone home pretty sharpish because at 10pm I get an email from his wife asking to come along for a third viewing in the morning. That’s how hot the market is at the moment.


The demand for family houses peaks between May and October so I am pleased to preview a lovely, large family home in the process of being refurbished. It’ll be coming on to the market in the summer.

The landlady takes me aside and confides that she’s fed up with her job in healthcare, and would like to get into the property industry. I suppose she thinks it is about looking at beautiful properties all day: I had better put her right.


I forward an offer on a three-bedroom property that is immediately accepted by the happy landlord who is getting an increase in rent and a two-year contract. Tuesday’s viewings have materialised into two fantastic offers, but the landlady also wants a long lease, and with this market can afford to pick and choose.

That upsets a few people. I have to be upfront about one of the offers - sharers who came to look at the property, saw the attic and openly declared it would be a great "chill-out" room for their wild parties. The landlady decides instantly that sharers are a big no-no, mortified that her beautifully redecorated house could be host to some very messy affairs.

One of our vendors has decided not to sell but to rent out her two-bedroom flat. It is in fantastic condition and there’s a big chance we’ll have an offer tied up by Monday.


A busy week draws to a close with a lot of loose ends to tie up. Scores of phone calls back and forth between landlords and potential tenants thankfully result in a deal being agreed for a lovely young Australian family who are going to be great tenants. It’s always good to end the week with a happy landlord and a happy client.

Louise Sergeant works in the lettings department at Strutt & Parker’s Fulham branch (020 7731 7100)

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