Carbon-neutral homes come to Battersea Village

A new eco housing scheme at Cobalt Place in Battersea reduces energy by 40 per cent, improves air quality and cuts noise pollution.
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Costly winter fuel bills are a compelling reason to at least consider buying an energy-efficient new home. You could save more than £35,000 during the lifetime of a 25-year mortgage, according to Zero Carbon Hub, an independent research group.

Even bigger savings — £1,840 a year — are forecast after 2016 when all new homes will have to be “carbon neutral”.

Superior insulation and better heating systems are only part of the story. The way in which new homes are built can make them up to 50 per cent more energy-efficient — not only cheaper to run but more comfortable to live in, too.

Good old-fashioned timber construction is making a comeback due to its thermal and other qualities. Developer Lend Lease is proving that wooden homes do not have to look like the inside of sauna by building contemporary-design apartments using a cross-laminated timber (CLT) building system at several schemes across London, including Cobalt PlaceBattersea, pictured. CLT reduces the amount of energy needed to heat a home by 40 per cent. It also improves air quality and cuts noise pollution.

Apartment blocks at Cobalt Place have an outer layer of brick and slot unobtrusively into the trendy Battersea Village neighbourhood. Blue is the new green, you might say. Prices start at £400,000. Call 020 8879 9099.
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