Brits love-affair with unusual homes

From converted churches to windmills and houseboats, UK homebuyers are increasingly looking for a homes with a difference...

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Enchanting windmills, towering oasts and majestic castles often encapsulate picture-perfect settings for fairy-tales, but the chance to live in one of these wonderfully unusual homes could be a reality.

The desire to live in a house that stands out is growing with buyers ever-searching for the next best place to call home.
“People certainly seem fascinated by unusual and unique properties,” says Andrew Rigby, an expert from unusual property specialist website “I think this is because we are always searching for something different and exciting - properties with character and individuality.”

Andy specialises in listing distinctive properties for sale and says that people often have ideals and try to match their homes to fit. He explains that whilst one person may seek a creative lifestyle in the form of a warehouse conversion in the city another may look to escape it all and live on a houseboat.



The team at are typically approached by private individuals and estate agents wanting to list properties on the website. The website has produced listings for homes ranging from windmills and castles to cave houses and converted railway carriages.

“We like to list properties that are different in some way to what people regard as normal. This could be a relatively common character cottage to something much rarer such as a converted cargo ship.”

Rigby says that one of the most interesting and unusual properties he has ever listed was a house on an island in the North East because it could only be reached at low tide. He says that people looking on the website have very different ideas about the kind of unusual home they want to live in.
“We conducted a survey to discover what people’s ideal unique property was and found that converted churches were the most popular.”
A full list of the results are as follows:
21% Converted Church
13% Island
12% Windmill
11% Log Cabin
11% Cave House
10% Converted Bus/Railway Carriage
9% Castle
6% Houseboat
4% Grand/Stately Home
1% Thatched Cottage


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