Save money on radiator reflectors to reduce heat loss

Save 15 per cent on radiator reflectors to reduce your heat loss
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It’s time to turn the heating on, but fear not as costs can be reduced by fitting a Radflek radiator reflector. These laminated, aluminum sheets can reduce heat loss by up to 45 per cent and can be fitted in a matter of minutes with no sticking, radiator removal or DIY needed. Great for the environment as well as your pocket, Radflek comes recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and will last for at least 60 years. 

Normally priced at £33.99 for a five sheet pack, readers benefit from a 15 per cent discount, reducing the price to £28.89. To claim your offer, visit or call 020 7828 8085 and use code ESNV1513 before 4 December. Postage not included.

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