Wimbledon-inspired homes: we serve up the country piles where tennis courts are the main draw - but party barns and hot tubs give them the advantage

Thanks to Murray-mania people up and down the country are once again inspired to play ball. Where better to practise than your own court? We take a tour of the country homes boasting ace tennis courts...

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Almost 500,000 spectators are flocking to Wimbledon’s All England Tennis Club and the country is once again gripped by Murray-mania.

Wimbledon residents will be sharing their favourite pubs and neighbourhood restaurants with scores of celebrity tennis fans, while courtesy cars zip around the village ferrying players to and from the courts.

For tennis fans up and down the country, the ultimate luxury is a home with its own court where they can try to emulate their heroes. Kevin Allen, associate director of John D Wood & Co, explains why a private court can be a great addition to a home.

"You’ll have no more hassle of having to book your time slot at a tennis club or public court," he says.

"There will be no more costly membership fees or travelling concerns, when a short stroll over the lawn will suffice."

He says upkeep on a court is not too onerous and merely recommends keeping the surface clean and in the sun if possible. He adds: "Steer clear of too much woodland screening as trees create shade, and with this comes moss which can require power hosing to remove.”


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