The rise of Britain's property millionaires as London claims top 20 most exclusive addresses

Almost half a million homeowners in Britain are now ‘property millionaires’, new research by property website Zoopla reveals today. 
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Growth of property prices at the top end of the market is nearly twice the national average, increasing by 12.9 per cent since last year. This means there are now 10,613 million-pound-streets in Britain, almost a third more than last year, and 50 per cent more people can claim to own a home worth more than £1 million.

Surrey and Buckinghamshire are home to the most expensive towns in Britain. But, unsuprisingly, Britain's 20 priciest addresses are all in London. 

Property prices average £42.7 million in the UK's the most expensive street, Kensington Palace Gardens, also known as 'Billionaires Row'. The Boltons, SW10, takes second place, with an average value of just over £26 million, followed by Grosvenor Crescent, SW1, where prices average £22 million. 

Outside of London, Britain's most expensive street is Sunninghill Road in Surrey, where the average home is worth just over £5 million.

For under £1 million you can live in Britain's fourth most expensive town, Esher, in Surrey, where properties average £931,669.

Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire comes in sixth place, with an average property price of £897,872, and Radlett is the only town in Hertfordshire to make the top 10, with house prices averaging £794,569.

The average British home is currently valued at £263,705.

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