New BBC Two series - The World's Most Extraordinary Homes:take a tour of a Jumbo Jet mansion, a hobbit-style underground hotel and a holiday hideaway in the treetops

Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin explore the most jaw-dropping properties found in mountains, forests, on the coast and hidden underground in a new series...

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Prepare to pick your jaw up from the floor after seeing inside these truly magnificent architectural wonders.

From an eco-friendly retreat built from compressed earth in the depths of the Arizona desert to a glamorous alpine chalet only reachable by cable car, new BBC Two series The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes will inspire viewers to push the boundaries of what they thought possible when building their dream home.

The four-part run is presented by award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress and property lover Caroline Quentin who's squeals of delight speak for everyone watching on the sofa at home.

Together they hunt out the most incredible homes built in enthralling mountain, forest, coastal and underground locations, and the imaginative owners and talented builders behind them.

Highlights from the first Mountain episode include a Californian mansion made from the wing of a Boeing 747 and an innovative, ‘origami-inspired’ home with folded angled roofs overlooking New Zealand’s Lake Wanaka.

Parts of a disused Jumbo Jet had to be flown out to this site by helicopter (Rex Features)

The next episode, Forest, features a glass ‘stairway to the treetops’ in New York state with interior lights that mimick fireflies at night and a colourful contemporary hideaway nestled among ancient Madrid pine trees. While Coast takes viewers to a tiny rocky house on a secluded Norwegian island and an unconventional, Gaudi-esque Spanish sanctuary built into a steep cliff face overlooking the Mediterranean.

This Dutch home is insulated by earth to keep energy consumption to a minimum (BBC)

Arguably saving the best until last, the Underground episode is a real treat, exploring a sustainable Netherlands home buried in a snowy mound of earth and a hobbit-style rental pad carved entirely out of the Swiss mountainside.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes: Forest airs on Friday 13 January at 9pm on BBC2. The first episode, Mountain, is on iPlayer, with Coast and Underground still to come.

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