Hampstead home the size of 20 London flats set to be demolished for being too small - to make way for a mega-mansion three times the size

Homes in The Bishops Avenue, a stroll from Hampstead Heath, are already famously expensive. Now, a three-storey mansion bought last year for £4.7 million is set to be demolished to make way for one of London's largest private homes.

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Spring is the season for knocking down mansions, it would seem. And when the wrecking ball makes short work of Crossways in The Bishops Avenue, Hampstead, the imposing 1936 neo-Georgian mansion will be replaced by one of the largest private homes in London, with a whopping 23,627sq ft of living space.

Wiped out will be 8,729sq ft, three-storey Crossways, bought last year for £4.7 million and featuring a “grand formal drawing room, dining room, family room and bar, and panelled study”, along with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and large landscaped gardens.

The £4.7 million property, pictured here in better days, has a private indoor pool


Glentree originally marketed the property for over £7 million, but according to papers filed with the the Land Registry, Crossways was in fact sold for £4.7 million in October to a company called NR Pisces LLP, with offices in Berkeley Square, using a loan from the Bank of India. 

This week it emerged that Barnet council has granted the company permission to tear down Crossways, and build an “attractive” replacement which the authority feels is a suitable size and design for the area.

Former grandeur: the grand drawing room at Crossways is now in need of updating


The new red-brick mansion will, inevitably, include a huge new basement level with a swimming pool, wine cellar, cinema, staff flat, “club room”, three bars, a snooker room, sauna, steam room and gym.

Building the new property will cost an estimated £5 million, and the owner will also have to pay a tax to both the Mayor of London and Barnet council amounting to well over £200,000. 


Homes in The Bishops Avenue, a stroll from Hampstead Heath, are famously expensive. Glentree is currently selling a nine-bedroom property there of  “only” 21,000sq ft for almost £25 million — so Crossways Mark II could be considered a sound investment.

The Bishops Avenue is afflicted, like some other super-wealthy London enclaves, by “ghost housing”, where overseas buyers rarely live in the homes they own there, in some cases allowing opulent, multimillion-pound mansions to fall into severe decline.

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