Grand Designs:Clapham's 'exquisitely crafted' concrete and mirror house in running to win RIBA's House of the Year

A special episode of Channel 4's Grand Designs presented by Kevin McCloud will introduce us to the RIBA House of the Year 2016 longlist which includes five London properties

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Five London homes are among the 20 architect-designed homes in the running for RIBA's House of the Year award.

Clapham's two-storey house of two interlocked white cubes, designed by architect couple Deborah Saunt and David Hills of DSDHA, is one of them.

Designed for a backland plot of land - an area which is built on or otherwise developed - under restrictive Conservation Area planning conditions, the couple had to 'bury' half the house so it looks like a low-rise home - and to reduce overlooking from neighbouring gardens.

Comprising an exposed in-situ concrete interior and a mirror façade, Saunt and Hills used their home as a test-bed for ideas on sustainability.


The judges deem it to be "an exquisitely crafted home, with every detail and material carefully thought through; a beautiful space that is immediately calming and exciting."

The RIBA House of the Year award will be broadcast as part of a special Channel 4 Grand Designs series, presented by Kevin McCloud later in the year. 


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