New homes in Spitalfields:handsome blocks with brick façades bring 49 flats and green space to Commerical Street

A new scheme of 49 apartments in Commercial Street bring a new green space woven into the streetscape. 

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Spitalfields has settled into a comfortable niche. Fifty years ago the area was grimly magnificent but appeared doomed, threatened by the march of corporate office development rippling out from the Square Mile.

Art historian and TV presenter Dan Cruickshank was among conservationists who helped rescue what was left of its precious architecture by squatting in historic buildings to save them from the bulldozer. 

Today, Spitalfields pulses with life and shows that gentrification can co-exist with a real community, albeit a well-heeled, creative one. 

Georgian silk weavers’ houses that cost £6,000-£10,000 in the Seventies now fetch £2.5 million to £5 million, while a new one-bedroom flat will cost £695,000.

A sensitively designed new-build scheme of 49 flats in Commercial Street, called London Square Spitalfields is the latest architectural intervention. The handsome blocks with brick façades wrap around listed Toynbee Hall and bring a welcome new green space with a public garden woven into the streetscape. 

Prices rise from £695,000 to £1.12 million for a three-bedroom apartment with roof terrace. Call London Square on 0333 666 0110.

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