Virtual Reality for interior design:take a 3D tour of your home renovation before it even begins

Virtual Reality is moving from gaming and films into interior design, allowing you to - virtually - walk through your new home before it has even been built...

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One of the greatest design challenges when working with an architect or interior designer is making sure you are both on the same page.

With advances in virtual reality it's now possible to step into your newly designed home before it has been built, and swap floor tiles and furniture literally at the click of a button, to help you to make such decisions.

Andrew Lucas Studio (ALS) is a new London based design consultancy working with designers and architects to turn their visions into virtual reality for their clients.

For the full experience you need an Oculus-style headset (or a £3 cardboard version you can order fom Amazon) and enough room to physically move around as you explore and edit your new surroundings.

Alternatively, a computer screen or mobile based app will allow you to walk a 3D version of your home - as in the video above - but everything is a bit more static.

"Plans can be difficult for clients to follow, but virtual reality allows them to immediately be in the room," says Attol's architectural designer, Mark Tavener, who worked with ALS on the Lancaster Grove project featured in the video.

Prices start from £1,000 for a room and can rise into the tens of thousands for large-scale projects.

So, for now, the real value of this is lies with substantial refurbishment projects and new-builds with unknown outcomes.


The boat house: an example project virtual reality design could be used for


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