When A-list neighbours become good friends:Adele splashes out on a new £6.5m LA home near J-Law and Cameron Diaz

The London pop queen will be rubbing shoulders with A-list neighbours in her new glittering neighbourhood.

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Since her barnstorming return to the stage earlier this year Adele has reclaimed her crown as pop queen.

The London singer, who grew up in Tottenham, has celebrated her success by splashing out £6.5 million on a Los Angeles home.

The 6,600sq ft property has four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a pool house.

There are also features which will appeal to her three-year-old son Angelo, including a tree house and outdoor train set.

With neighbours including Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Diaz, Adele is in glittering company.

However, the superstar still loves London.

She retains a Notting Hill mews house — and a seaside retreat in Hove, East Sussex.

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