Plans for a boat house could be one step too far for Gordon Ramsay's neighbours in Cornwall

Gordon Ramsay is hoping Santa may have a special present for him this Christmas: planning permission.

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Gordon Ramsay, the Hell's Kitchen star, is seeking approval to demolish the £4.4 million Cornish holiday home he bought in June and replace it with a much bigger version more befitting his status. 

Following a review by planning chiefs, it seems he may be given the go-ahead. 

The proposed five-bedroom house in Rock will have two kitchens, a swimming pool and a gym. 

The famously foul-mouthed chef is also keen to build a three-bedroom boathouse in the grounds surrounding the property — but that might be asking too much.

Cornwall council says it has consulted the locals and they have no objection to the plans for the new house, but aren’t so keen on the boathouse. 

It advises Ramsay to be especially nice to his neighbours if he wants to avoid their objections.


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