Gordon Ramsay's neighbour nightmares:TV chef gets the go-ahead to build two homes on the Cornish coast despite local outrage

Despite ongoing protests from locals the council has ruled in favour of the celebrity chef, who wants to demolish his Cornish home and build two others...

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Gordon Ramsay is cooking up a plot in Cornwall.

He has won planning permission to demolish his £4.4 million home, and despite ongoing protests from locals who claim his scheme will ruin the picturesque coastline, the council has ruled in favour of the celebrity chef, pictured with wife Tana.

He will be able to build two properties in place of the original. One will sit at the bottom of the garden, very close to the sea. He also has his sights set on a lower ground-floor swimming pool.

Gordon Ramsay will be demolishing his Cornwall home (swns)

Ramsay intends to use the estate in the upmarket area of Rock for UK staycations with cookery writer Tana and their children.

They already have homes in London and Malibu, California.


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