New Berkshire homes with royal connections:luxury flats launch in 12-acres of grounds that once belonged to Queen Victoria’s granddaughters

Built in 1815, Italianate mansion Englemere House was once a royal residence for Queen Victoria’s granddaughters. Now 17 luxury flats are being launched on the 12-acre grounds...

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Next month’s Royal Ascot is a massive highlight of the racing calendar, and the world-famous course nestles amid a millionaires playground that offers golf, polo and sailing, all close to Heathrow airport and a picturesque stretch of the Thames.

While the Berkshire town’s centre is surprisingly characterless, with a Budgens rather than a Waitrose and no chic boutiques, within a few furlongs can be found some of the UK’s most splendid homes.

Englemere House, an Italianate mansion built in 1815 that was once a royal residence for Queen Victoria’s granddaughters, sits in 12 acres of impressively landscaped grounds where an in-keeping new building of 17 grand flats, has been launched by developer Millgate, winner of several Evening Standard new homes awards. Old squash courts will become a leisure pavilion, and there is an outdoor swimming pool in the walled gardens. 

Prices start from £1.4 million. Call 01483 564660.


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