What can we do with our large landing?

Architect and interior designer Peter Morris answers your questions
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Question: We love our house but we have a large, unused landing at the top of the stairs and have never known what to do with it. Any suggestions?

Answer: To get the most use from this space, dedicate it to a specific activity. For instance, a great way of using a landing space between two bedrooms is to install a small table and a chair. This can be used as a quiet reading area, for example, or for applying make-up — especially if there is a good window, because both activities benefit from natural light.

And if the window brings in light from the north, all the better: you can take full advantage of this cool, pure natural light, perfect for colour judgments. This is because north light has very little inherent colour in it, and it is also great for detailed activities such as reading.

The ideal furniture would be something bespoke, incorporating a make-up table with drawers and a comfortable bench at a lower level, with storage below.

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Peter Morris is an architect and interior designer and a director of Peter Morris Architects, which specialises in modern, innovative and practical designs (petermorrisarchitects.com).

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