The Narrow Path by the D*Haus Company

At this intriguing show, young London architects create a house based on the 1903 principles of mathematician Henry Dudeney: it revolves to follow the light
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November 1-30
An avant-garde team of London architects, designers and artists have turned their obsession with mathematics into a model for a remote-controlled “dynamic” house with moving walls. These can react to the seasons, revolving to follow the sun for optimum light, and unfold to rearrange space.

Its geometry (based on principles laid down by the English mathematician Henry Dudeney in 1903) is reflected in smaller objects such as an ingenious square table that splits into four hinged asymmetric shapes that can be arranged as an equilateral triangle.

A light and a chandelier have a similar design. Limited edition prints complete this intriguing show.
Anise Gallery, 13a Shad Thames, SE1;;

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