New London Architecture

There are a host of talks and exhibitions on at The Building Centre
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London's Learning: 1 November 2007 – 5 January 2008

London is experiencing one of the biggest investments in education and skills infrastructure since the 1960s. Architecture and construction face several challenges in this: not only must they deliver an ambitious programme of new educational buildings for the capital but also be a part of the educational process – delivering traditional and new skills in design and construction.

Waterways: 10 January – 23 February 2008

Waterways are a part of the public space network and play a major part in the Mayor's plans for London. How do we protect them while providing access? How do planners and developers enjoy the benefits of the waterways while respecting their special location? Can the rivers and canals be used more successfully as part of the transport and goods movement network?

Underground London - The new city infrastructure: 28 February – 19 April 2008

London has a wonderful history of underground engineering from transport, water, drainage and energy supply. But climate change has prompted the need to upgrade the existing infrastructure, there are demands for new (or at least new for London) technologies such heat storage and networks, cooling and heating loads and waste disposal and to co-ordinate all these in increasingly scarce underground space. Underground London will explore the new underground infrastructure planned for London in its drive to become a sustainable modern city.

Residential: 24 April - 14 June 2008

We are building - or have plans to build - a lot of new housing in London. But is it good enough, is it the right sort of housing and is it in the right place? What are the best projects that are being built? And will be build enough of them to meet the needs of London's expanding number of households?

FRESH: 20 June – 19 July 2008

Headline exhibition for the London Festival of Architecture 2008, in association with Design for London.

Bridges: 24 July – 20 September 2008

From giant crossings over the Thames to deployable structures over London’s largely hidden canal network, London has a number of new bridges completed, under construction and planned. Always significant in their impact and often heatedly debated, bridges form the link between people and places in the city. The exhibition will be a celebration of their design and engineering.

London Faces: 25 September – 15 November 2008

The character of London's architecture through the ages has been affected by the materials used by architects and builders – brick, Portland stone, stucco, slate, tiles and glass. The exhibition looks at the story behind the selection of these materials and how they have stood the test of time. Now that we have an infinite range of materials to choose from, what impact will they have on the face of London?

Digital Cities: 20 November 2008 – 17 January 2009

Communication technology can have a major impact on the modern city. Homes, offices and leisure locations are all being transformed by the ability to distribute and display large quantities of digital information. Public spaces become a window on the world or new meeting places for public communication. Personal communication and information devices mean that we can access all sorts of information from any part of the world in almost any part of the city. The exhibition will show how the communication revolution is transforming the cities in which we live.

The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT. Opening times, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm; and Saturday, 10am to 5pm. Admission: free.

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