Venturax folding bike

Venturax folding bike - only £129.99 - or get a pair for £249.99
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Folding bike
Offering a world of cycling possibilities, the Venturax Stowaway bike folds down easily, allowing you to carry it on public transport, take it on holiday or tackle the daily commute with ease.

Once unfolded the sleek design not only looks fantastic, it also provides incredible ride quality, handling and comfort, supported by a robust steel frame, 20in wheels and six Shimano gears. Complete with carrying rack, yellow tyre reflectors and bike stand, it is available in silver (pictured) or black. A carry bag that makes transporting the bike easy is also available for £29.99 via our website, along with front and rear LED lights that fix easily to the frame and allow you to use the Venturax Stowaway at night, for £9.99.

CLICK HERE to visit our H&P shop and get this bike light set for only £39.95.

Buy a Venturax folding bike for £129.99 or two for £249.99 in our Homes and Property shop.

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