Replacing a broken floor tile

Floor tiles can get cracked due to wear and tear, or through damage if a heavy object is dropped on them. Replacing a single tile is more cost-effective than re-tiling an entire floor. Wear goggles while drilling into the tile, in case any shards fly towards you
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Tools and materials

Grout raker, drill, goggles, gloves, club hammer, cold chisel, scraper, spirit level, tile adhesive, grout, sponge.

1. Remove grout from around the edge of the tile. A grout raker is perfect for this process.

2. Drill a series of holes into the broken tile. This helps break it up, making it easier to remove.

3. Remove the broken tile with a cold chisel and club hammer, then scrape the old adhesive off the floor surface.

4. Apply adhesive to the back of the new tile and position it. Use a spirit level to make sure it sits flush with the surrounding tiles.

5. Allow the adhesive to dry, then grout the new tile. Clean off any excess with a sponge.

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