Re-laying a gravel path

The main problem with gravel paths is weeds. They can be controlled by weedkillers, but a longer-lasting solution is to use a weed-proof membrane
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Tools and materials

Shovel, polythene sheets, weed membrane, craft knife or scissors, rake

1. Move the gravel from the path. Pile it up alongside the path, ideally on polythene sheets.

2. Roll out a proprietary weed-proof membrane along the path base, cutting as required. Overlap joins by at least 100mm (4in).

3. Move the gravel back onto the membrane, and distribute evenly using a rake.

How does a weed-proof membrane work?

Easy to size with a craft knife or scissors, the layer of weed-proof membrane will stop weeds taking root in the path base. It also allows water to drain through to the base, but not back up to the gravel.

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