Perfect bedrooms:how to create a calming and 'zen-like' space to get a good night's sleep

The master bedroom is where the majority of home owners focus their renovation priorities, with most Brits wanting to create a space that promotes quality sleep. Here's how to create a calming 'zen-like' feel in your bedroom...

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Creating a 'calming, zen-like atmosphere' is the ultimate goal for most Brits when decorating their bedrooms.

Brits strive for a room that promotes a good night's sleep, rather than one that inspires romance, according to the latest research from Houzz, the world's largest platform for home design. 

This means UK homeowners are gravitating towards neutral shades such as whites, greys, creams and blues when choosing their colour schemes.

“Inky blues are slowly becoming the new grey, the rich and moody tones of this colour scheme are perfect for creating a calm and soothing ambience especially in a bedroom and we are seeing this trend increasingly grow," says Debbie Leigh, Design Manager at interior design company iLiv.

More than a third of renovators aim for a contemporary look, but keeping things cosy, carpet is still twice as popular as wooden floors and curtains are favoured over blinds.

"This autumn, we are continuing to see the trend of over-sized chunky knits coming into the home as well as in the world of fashion," says Not on The High Street's creative product director, Sally Bendelow. 

"People are really indulging in Hygge (pronounced 'Hooga' - the Danish concept of living cosily). Think rich textures, rustic materials and layered blankets in abundance."

Despite advice from the National Sleep Foundation which advises that electonics disrupt the natural pattern of the sleep-wake cycle, only a fifth of bedroom decorators commit to keeping their bedrooms media free - with 70 per cent of those updating their electonics opting for a new TV.

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