H&P shop offer of the week: save £40 on Pyrex dishes

Buy a three-piece Pyrex set for £59.95 (RRP £99.95)
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Pyrex dishes
Three-piece Pyrex set - save £40 on the RRP
This three-piece Pyroflam casserole set from brand leaders Pyrex is manufactured from Vitro-Ceramic (a high-tech glass/ceramic hybrid) which makes cooking much easier as one dish can be used to prepare, cook and serve and store your favourite meals.

Due to the unique properties of Vitro-Ceramic, Pyroflam cookware can withstand sudden and drastic changes in temperature (-40 degrees C to + 800 degrees C) meaning you can take these Pyrex casserole dishes straight from the freezer to a heat source (gas/electric/halogen/ceramic hobs, oven, microwave or grill) without the risk of it breaking or warping.

This attractive three-piece set is also non-stick, dishwasher safe and guaranteed for 25 years.

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