Get the most from your boiler

As homeowners switch on the boiler for the first time in months, breakdowns face many. Here are some top tips on why it’s high time to call in a Gas Safe registered expert
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Maintenance keeps your costs down

Continuous maintenance work extends the lifespan of boilers meaning homeowners do not have to pay out for expensive replacements so often. Plus minor faults are easier to fix and are less costly than emergency calls.

Guy Andrews of PGS Plumbers, a London plumbing, heating and gas services company registered with, says, “an average boiler service across London will be around £70 + VAT. However, if you want to ensure you get a thorough check from a reputable company then you should look to spend around £90 + VAT.”

Stay safe

A defective gas boiler can be dangerous and cause fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. You should fit a carbon monoxide alarm close to the boiler to detect any gas leaks.

If a boiler is leaking, water will be noticeable around the pipes at the bottom of the boiler. Don’t be tempted to open the boiler to check for leaks, instead call a Gas Safe registered plumber or heating engineer. All registered heating engineers should carry an identity card on them, with a unique ID number.

Top energy saving tip from PGS Plumbing

To save money when using your boiler, purchase a timer. Set this timer to turn on your central heating only when you really need it. Strategically heating your home based around your daily schedule will ensure that you don’t waste fuel heating an empty home.

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