The £100k House: Tricks of the Trade. Big home renovation ideas on micro budgets

From a disastrous extension that's turned a house into building site, to the dilapidated London flat of a family who crave space and serenity - seven architects work to transform the homes of cash-strapped owners, in the latest BBC2 home improvement series...

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No home is beyond hope - no matter what the budget, is the idea behind the new BBC2 series of 'The £100k house: Tricks of the Trade'.

A spin-off of the BBC's hugely popular 'The House That £100K Built' programme, where people attempt to build their own home for £100,000, the lastest series offers viewers budget-friendly tips and tricks, from choosing the right paint to designing furniture made out of scaffolding boards.

The six-part series kicks off by featuring a scenario that will be familiar to many Londoners. Civil servant Suzanne's north-west London flat was perfect when she lived alone, but now husband Antonio, a sales adviser, 38, has moved in and they have two-year-old Sophia, the awkward layout needs rethinking.

How do you make a home seem bigger when you can’t extend out? The show's lead architect Piers Taylor works with fellow architect Gurmeet Sian, using design tricks to turn the gloomy flat into a light-filled, spacious-feeling family home.


The show also features mum Jaimelee, 29, and her partner Lee, 33, who bought a three-bedroom semi-detached home in the West Midlands town of Sutton Coldfield with the ambition to extend.

Lee, a builder, started work two years ago but when architect Piers Taylor arrives the downstairs is still a building site.  "We didn't have a vision, we're improvising as we're going along," admits Lee. With a budget of only £10,000, Taylor teaches them the trick of creating a successful "open-plan" space and how clever choices with furniture, wallcoverings and even colours can radically improve a space.

Other ambitious renovation projects to be featured in later episodes include turning a three-bedroom terrace house into a comfortable home for a family of seven with a budget of £30,000, and creating a dream kitchen in a decrepit shop for £8,000.
Starts Wednesday 3 February, BBC2, 8pm.

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