Steal the style: pop art at home

As Tate Modern's new pop art exhibition opens, we find the high street filled with bold and witty homeware guaranteed to brighten up your home
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Wham! Bang! Pow! Tate Modern’s retrospective of the work of US artist Roy Lichtenstein, with 125 paintings and sculptures, has created a London Pop Art moment that extends to its restaurants, hotels and shops.

From college art in the South Place Hotel in the City, to comic prints in Fifties diners — such as Westbourne Park’s Lucky 7 — designers can’t get enough of retro advertising imagery and cartoons. Bold and witty, pop art instantly brightens a space — and there’s plenty to buy on the high street.

Lichtenstein: A Retrospective is running at Tate Modern until May 27. Tickets are £14 with concessions available. Visit

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1. Pick a print
Oxford-based artist Clay Sinclair describes his art as provocative pop paintings on perspex ( Beautiful Glance ("Get a second chance"; top right) and Little White Lies (below, right) art prints start at £19.95 (40x50cm).

Also at Easyart, Andy Warhol posters and framed prints from £5.95 to ship in 24 hours. The Marilyn, 1967, is the most popular (£19.95-£79.95) but £169.95-£299.64 will buy a Campbell’s Soup Can in green and purple.

For Lichtensteins, visit for prints including In the Car, 1963 (£44.99), M-Maybe, 1965 (£23.99) and Kiss II, 1962 (£9.99-£39.99). The Tate’s shop sells Whaam! framed for £60 (

Alternatively, turn a photo into pop art for £35 at
2. Add KA-POW! factor
Find this magnificent Ka-Pow mural, from £79, at, or for something less room-filling, go for Tee Buzz's True Romance four-sheet wall mural (£26.99) from
3. Bathroom splash
Scottish Fine Soaps come in Fresh! Scrub! and Wash! tins and are fabulously fragrant (right, £4.95; Bags of Love makes personalised shower curtains in two days, including Lichtenstein prints (£99; Step on to a Hello Sexy bathmat (£23.50;, or find a Pop Art London loo seat for £37.95 (
4. Pop up your lounge
Italian designer Silvia Zacchello makes to order from £169-£422 ( She recycles items such as chairs, tables, panels and (as pictured) phones, inspired by Warhol, Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana and Keith Haring. Some items can be found at Pitfield London (
5. Bedroom blitz
The bedroom is perfect for pop touches. Scatter The Letter Room's 3D cartoon letters (£45 a letter;; turn the light on with a Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn switch cover (from £4.54;, or wake up to the Ruark Radio R1 portable radio in orange high-gloss lacquer (£169;
6. Sit up in style
Designger Silvia Zacchello is at her most inventive when giving a girly twist to a pre-loved chair. She makes them to order from £169-£422 using both the glossy palette and the iconography of the legends of pop art (
7. Pop out to lunch
Visit a branch of Lebanese restaurant chain Comptoir Libanais for pop art canteen cool. There are Middle Eastern-themed comic strips on the wall and 3D patterns on floors and tables (
8. Kitch out the kitchen
John Lewis’s good-value kitchenware range has pop art style tea towels, tins, aprons and more (£7-£25).
9. Give walls the wow factor
Transform walls and ceilings into installations with Sicis tiles from The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse in Chiswick (£108 per square metre; Or team plain tiles with’s fun patterns - motifs range from bananas (£9.05 each) to Obama (£10.15 each).
10. The mark of zorro
Woodpop has a range of re-invented retro and antique pieces by young designer Emma Wood. Her stock regularly changes but this Zorro table (£185) ( is irresistible.

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