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House doctors Suzy Maas and Katie Moug of The Final Touch - a company which specialises in property presentation and renovations - provide expert advice on interiors
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Flat makeover: Muswell Hill

Celia, a publisher from London, approached us when she decided to sell her Muswell Hill flat. She had lived at this flat for over 13 years, and it had been valued by a local estate agent at £193,000.

Celia was a self-confessed hoarder, and every available surface was covered with books, CDs and other clutter.

"You get used to it and don’t see the clutter after a while. Three years ago, it probably wouldn’t have mattered. Now I think it does," she said.

The brief

At the first meeting, we prepared a full list of recommendations which included expenses such as packing, storing and supplying accessories that would help dress the property; and project managing the builders until completion.

Celia was happy for the builders to work around her which on this occasion worked well, but anyone considering major works at their property should be prepared - it is hard work so if you can move out it definitely helps speed up the project.

The result

This project took three weeks to complete and the final result was a complete transformation. The flat looks clean, spacious and in keeping with the traditional look of the building.

Reception before and after makeover
The reception was cluttered before the makeover (left) but now looks smart and cosy
Celia spent a total of £9,000. The flat was immediately put on the market in December 2009 and after just a few viewings, it went under
offer five days later for the full asking price of £245,000.

About The Final Touch

The Final Touch team are specialists at interior styling and have renovated and dressed a diverse range of properties, from large family homes to compact, city flats.

They offer home consultations and project management rather than a traditional interior decorating service as they focus most of all on how to increase the value of a property before it is put on the market.

For free tips, advice and any further assistance, visit or call 01590 677757.

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