Pantone colour of the year 2017:how to introduce Greenery into your home

Give your home a makeover by taking inspiration from the new 2017 Pantone colour of the year...

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Colour company Pantone have revealed their long-awaited colour of 2017 is Greenery, described as a "yellow-green" shade.

Normally a colour associated with spring, this zesty green shade feels bright, fresh and reminiscent of the outdoors.

The Pantone Colour Institute says Greenery symbolises rejuvenation and revitalisation, which ties in quite neatly with the start of a new year.

But how can we introduce it into our home?

1. Wallpaper and soft furnishings

The use of different botanical accents on soft furnishings or wallpaper can be a great subtle nod to the theme.

“Mixing different verdant tones will add interest to a room scheme; wallpapers and soft furnishings featuring exotic palms or native British tree leaves are easily accented by green marble or bottle green glass to great effect,” recommends Philippa Prinsloo, home design manager at John Lewis.

2. Glassware and ceramics

Glassware and ceramics can also help to add a touch of colour to a room without the commitment. 

"I would suggest introducing Greenery into a space by using more subtle design details such as cushions, glassware or ceramics," says Lucy Ward, managing director at Trouva. "Alternatively, why not consider painting your front door in this shade, bearing a connection to nature by welcoming guests from the outdoors into your home in a reinvigorating way."

3. Plants

Finally, for a temporary addition to a room, opt for a selection of plants as suggested by Mags Milliken, homeware design manager at Matalan.

"Use plants, botanics and lush green succulents to bring this new important colour into your home."


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