My design London: Jules Wright, Director of the Wapping Project

Jules Wright tells Katie Law why she has never cooked a meal at home, keeps bees on her roof and prefers rain to sunshine on her days off. She also reveals her daily ritual for collecting her thoughts
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Jules Wright, former director of the Royal Court Theatre, is director of The Wapping Project, the east London arts centre housed in a late-Victorian hydraulic power station, where the original engine and turbine house has been turned into a restaurant and bar.

* The Wapping Project is at Wapping Wall, E1. Call 020 7680 2080 (

Art work: Jules in the engine and turbine house restaurant at The Wapping Project

Furniture at Fritz Hansen
Secret shop: Jules finds the furniture at Fritz Hansen irresistible


I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Bankside, next to Tate with amazing views. I originally bought it off-plan in 1998 as a buy-to-let and lived in Wapping. But that was too close to work and I found that I never crossed the Thames. So in 2003, I moved into it and now I like to walk everywhere as it's in the centre of the city, which I love, so it really suits me.


It's not exactly a secret, but I find The Republic of Fritz Hansen an irresistible shop. I love the whole period of the Fifties and have lots and lots of Scandinavian stuff, so this shop has all the kind of furniture I like best (


Am I allowed to have architects? If so it would be 6a Architects. They did the extension to the South London Gallery very beautifully and also converted the London house of some friends of mine very elegantly; it's all timber-lined, white-painted and Scandinavian in feel (

Victoria Miro Gallery in Shoreditch
© Alamy
Best gallery: Jules says the Victoria Miro Gallery in Shoreditch is a well-designed space


It's the Victoria Miro Gallery. I like a lot of people they represent and I like the fact that they always try to sell me something. The last thing I bought there was by Idris Khan. However, I also think it's a well-designed space: seductive, elegant and understated and it doesn't feel like an institution (


I have little rituals that are always connected to whatever work I'm doing and what I need to do in my head at that time. For example, this week I've adopted a place that I'd never go to normally, called the Cinnamon Coffee Shop, on the corner of Cinnamon Street in Wapping. I go very early and order a double espresso and then I concentrate on how I want to handle the day.

Maltby Street market in Ropewalk
© Alamy
Favourite market: Maltby Street market in Ropewalk
I always find a place like that wherever I am, because I need to have somewhere I can be alone and no one I know is going to walk in. It can be quite hard to find.


Maltby Street market is still special. There are lovely traders, including the London Honey Company — I've got his hives on my roof. Then there's the Irish butcher, O'Shea in Druid Street. I feel I can buy things there which aren't imported and are genuinely wholesome (


I never cook. I've never even used the oven since I moved into my apartment. Isn't that disgusting? I eat out all the time and by myself at least three evenings a week — I'm completely happy doing that. If I want to have something really nice, I go to Roka. I like to sit at the bar on my own and eat while I watch the cooking (

Roka restaurant in Canary Wharf
Top restaurant: Jules heads to Roka in Canary Wharf and sits at the bar watching the cooking


I have a great passion for Victorian theatres and I will always love the Royal Court the most because it's a perfect doll's house. You can stand in the centre of the stage and touch the back of the Circle and it's a place where you can make magic with very little effort (


My lazy Sunday would mean not coming into work and that's very rare. It would also involve finding a place to have brunch and meeting friends, especially if it was raining. I always want it to rain on Sundays, or any day I am off work, because you get kind of embraced and surrounded.

* The Wapping Project is at Wapping Wall, E1. Call 020 7680 2080 (

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