Matthew Hilton: my design London

Furniture designer Matthew Hilton reveals his top London shops and markets, new designers and his favourite city escapes.
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Matthew Hilton
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Matthew Hilton models his first watch, which was launched at London Design Festival 2013 (£907,
Where I live
I live in East Dulwich in a first-floor two-bedroom flat in an old Victorian house. It's a typical London space, you know: stripped wood and white walls, light and large and airy, and I've got lots of my own-designed furniture in it. I live there on my own except for when my 10-year-old son comes to stay.

The best thing about it is its location. It's within cycling distance from my Brixton studio and very close to Lordship Lane, which is full of great shops, and there's a swimming pool and a gym round the corner. It's not central London living. It feels more like living in a small town in the best possible way.

My favourite London escape
I like getting on my bike round Dulwich Park on the wide road that runs around the outside. There are always lots of people running, rollerblading and cycling there. The park itself is a lovely old Victorian one with separate areas for football, cricket and tennis, and then areas with little bushes and windy paths and a lake, as if you're in a forest.

Favourite gallery
I enjoy going to Tate Modern — but it is as much for its Turbine Hall as for the art. It's almost like an indoor street, like the shopping arcade next to the Duomo in Milan, and it is what attracts so many people.

Matthew Hilton
A glass-topped dining table from Mint (
My favourite shop
Mint, just off Brompton Road. The owner, Lina Kanafani, is very on the ball and always has interesting things in her store, which are not necessarily objects I want to own but are always fascinating to look at, so I love popping in to see what's new there (

Most interesting new designer
Josh Bitelli is almost not a designer, or certainly not in the way I am. Though he's trained in design, he operates in an unconventional way, more like an artist. He's also very young, so I'm not sure quite where he is going to go yet. I bought some of his vessels made from welding rods from his last show, which he called 3D drawings. They're very lovely (

Favourite object
I'd love a Moulton New Series Double Pylon bicycle with space frame construction.

Beautiful design, works very well, hardy, light, fast and with tiny wheels. A very unusual bike and costs a fortune. About £15,000, I think (

Matthew Hilton
Stainless steel mig welding wire tableware by Josh Bitelli (
Best market
I go to Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton Park, which means getting up at five o'clock to get there in time to buy the good stuff. I use what I find mostly for props for photography and trade stands, but then it creeps into my home, too. The best thing I found there was a French decorative metal frame with an old foxed-glass mirror inside. It's beaten up, but beautiful (

Lazy Sundays
They don't happen very often but ideally I'd start with some exercise, like ride a bike for a couple of hours or swim, so I could feel I could then slouch about. I'd watch films. I watch a lot of films and I'll happily go to the cinema and then come home and watch a couple more on my Apple TV.

I was surprised but I really enjoyed Behind the Candelabra recently. It was funny and touching and it had interesting casting.

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