Kitchen gadgets

Time-saving appliances are always welcomed by busy Londoners. The latest gadgets jostling for bench space in our kitchens include the Vitamix, an express grater and slicer and a speedy ice maker.
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1. Ice Appliance
This neat little gadget makes batches of cubes in only 10 minutes. Leave it plugged in, and an alarm will tell you when it’s time for a water refill. It costs £149.99 from (0845 3133352).
2. Zanussi SlimLine and Electrolux Reallife
Two new super-small and super-quick dishwashers, to fit in compact places. The Zanussi SlimLine (pictured, 45cm wide instead of the standard 60cm) gives an A-rated wash for nine place settings ( The Electrolux Reallife is easy to load and cleverly engineered with spray arms to reach small crevices in greasy dishes/pans (
3. The Vitamix
Here’s a gadget to drool over: priced from £439, this wonder worker performs 50 kitchen tasks in one machine at high speed and with minimum hassle. It makes ice cream in 30 seconds and hot soup from scratch in five minutes — and you don’t even have to peel or chop the veg. It smashes through ice cubes in seconds for smoothies and margaritas. It’s a coffee grinder and even bakes bread (
4. Party Wok
Let your party guests do the cooking. Party Wok (£79.99) has six non-stick mini-woks with little hotplates on a table-top cooker. For dessert, remove the woks and use the hotplates to make pancakes. This is part of British brand Swan’s new Come Dine Me range, inspired by the popular TV programme. Other gadgets include a raclette.
5. Tefal Fresh Express Plus
Choose from a versatile five attachments to perfectly slice and grate ingredients using the Tefal Fresh Express Plus (£54.98; Grates hard cheese and nuts, or even fine grates, saving you precious time. You can also slice with a straight or undulating edge, or cut with a ridge using the attachments, all of which are stored on the machine.

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