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House doctors Suzy Maas and Katie Moug of The Final Touch provide expert advice on interiors
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CCharnwood woodburning stove
From £980: Charnwood’s woodburning stove includes a neat storage facility and is suitable for smokeless fuel
Question: We are looking to put our house on the market and with winter fast approaching it could really do with extra heating.

We have limited radiators and the house feels very unwelcoming. We like the idea of an open fire but do not have a chimney. Do you have any ideas for heating a contemporary room?

Answer: Stuv have produced some really cool woodburning stoves in the last few years. We particularly like the Stuv 30 three-in-one. A chimney is not required and the stove can be placed, fitted or suspended on the wall, plus it is easy to install and no decoration is required.

The three-in-one system is simple to use and takes seconds to change, giving the stove three looks. Costs £4,250. For more information visit www.woodburners.com who are offering a 10 per cent discount to Homes & Property.

Stuv 30 three-in-one woodburning stove
£4,250: a chimney is not required to fit the Stuv 30 three-in-one into your home
Another option at a third of the price is the Clearview Solution 400, for really clean burning without fuss or pampering. These stoves are beautifully engineered and are made in the UK. Clearview Stoves have gained a reputation for producing the very best stoves with reliability. Costs £1,496. Visit www.woodburners.com.

British company Charnwood’s woodburning stove includes a neat storage facility and is suitable for smokeless fuel. 'The Cove 1' is the newest and smallest in this particular range. The single door gives an excellent view of the fire and they come in a choice of eight colours, so you really can’t go wrong with this fire. From £980. Visit www.charnwood.com.

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