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House doctors Suzy Maas and Katie Moug of The Final Touch provide expert advice on interiors
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Question: I am trying to sell my studio flat in Kensington. I work from home and over the years the flat has become cluttered and claustrophobic. Please could you give me some ideas on space-saving furniture?

Answer: When furnishing a very small space, think outside the box. Don’t limit yourself to the obvious solutions, such as beds with drawers or chests doubling as bedside tables. These days there are pieces of furniture available that work even harder in small spaces.

One of our favourites is a small compact coffee table in walnut veneer and chrome from Dwell which converts into a dining table to seat six-to-eight people. Visit www.dwell.co.uk.

A great range of space saving combination furniture can also be found at www.thewallbedworkshop.co.uk. We love the Ulisse sofa folding conversion and the Ulisse desk wall bed with dark oak (wenge) veneer.

Storage window seat
A storage window seat from The Cotswold Company
Also, take a look at the lovely storage window seat from The Cotswold Company, now reduced from £399 to £319. Practical, elegant and rather good value to boot. Visit www.cotswoldco.com.

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