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Question: Nine months ago we fitted solid oak worktops to our kitchen. Already, the wood has begun to rot and go black around the sink area.

Do you have a quick fix solution with minimal mess and expense as we are looking to put our property on the market as soon as possible?

Answer: Unfortunately for you, it sounds as though the wood was not treated properly when it was fitted. Providing that the wood is not too far gone, your cheapest solution is to sand them down and reseal them.

The best finish for a solid wood worktop is oil. Apply three-to-five light coats, with a very light sanding in between. The first coat of oil will dry very quickly - in a few hours or less - the second and successive coats will take longer to dry and may need to be left for at least eight hours.

We would recommend using ’Rustin’s Danish Oil’. Then you would need to apply a mastic seal where the sink meets the wood.

Wooden worktop with sink
If the wood around your sink area has started to rot, sand it down and reseal with oil
Alternatively, if you are fed up with the wood and the regular maintenance it requires, we would recommend contacting ‘Granite Transformations’.

They can supply a 6.5mm, non-porous material made up of a combination of granites, quartz, glass mosaics and stones with polymer technology to produce an engineered surface that can be fitted directly on top of your existing work surface.

This means you can achieve a stunning worktop makeover within a day without the mess. Visit www.granitetransformations.co.uk/lymington.

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