From a transparent fridge to the steam wardrobe:six of the latest high-tech gadgets and appliances for the home

As clever wizardry takes over your white goods – what doesn’t come with internet connectivity these days? – we highlight the best new ideas for your home...

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V-Zug Refresh Butler

This may cost as much as a car, but it really is a one-of-a-kind appliance… or is it better described as furniture?

The V-Zug Refresh Butler, at £13,824, is a wardrobe that steams creases out of your clothes, so you don’t need to iron them.

Simply hang garments up and it steams them, gently refreshing them, removing odours and drying damp clothing, too.

LG Signature Fridge

Instead of an internet touch screen, this large American-style fridge-freezer from LG, coming to the UK soon, has innovative, hi-tech features that are much more useful.


Most notably, InstaView lets you see what’s on the shelves of the fridge’s Door-in-Door section without even opening it. Simply tap on the door and it goes from opaque to transparent, letting you peek in and saving you time and energy.

It can also open the door for you automatically as you approach, laden with groceries. Expect to pay at least £6,000.

Honeywell Lyric T6

Replace your central heating thermostat with the intelligent Homeywell Lyric T6, from £179, and you’ll save money on energy bills thanks to clever features.

It can tell whether you’re home or away and adjusts the heating accordingly.


And if you have an iPhone or iPad you can also use Apple HomeKit to control the thermostat by voice — just command it, for example: “Siri, turn up the heating by two degrees.”

Hoover Wizard DYM 762T

The latest, greatest kitchen appliances are getting wireless internet connections whether you want them or not. For example, the Hoover Wizard range can be controlled via an app wherever you are.


This A+ rated dishwasher automatically senses the soiling level and recommends programmes accordingly, and usefully it sends you alerts when you’re running low on salt or rinse aid.

We’re amused by the idea of “Hoovering the dishes”. Priced £449.99.

Haier Duo

Wash two loads at once with this new double-decker washing machine from Haier, priced £1,299.


The bottom one takes an 8kg load, while you can wash 4kg up top. So you can pick the best-sized machine for your wash load, wash colours and whites separately — simultaneously — and generally pile through the laundry in half the time.

It’s very energy efficient (A+++ -30 per cent) and has touch-screen controls.

Withings Body Cardio

Weigh yourself on these Withings smart scales to find out much more than just your bodyweight.


They calculate your BMI, body composition (how much water, fat, etc you’re carrying), heart rate and Pulse Wave Velocity, a key indicator of cardiovascular health.

You see the stats on screen but they’re also sent to a free smartphone app which keeps track of your weight, so you don’t have to. Priced £139.95.

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