Flexible furniture ideas for small spaces:15 wall storage designs for compact city homes

We reveal 15 clever wall storage ideas to maximise space, clear cluttered hallways and make the most of our biggest - and most underused - surfaces...

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City dwellers are investing more in quality, long-lasting design as we continue to make our space-starved homes work harder than ever.

Flexible and functional furniture is key, with the latest wall-mounted and suspended homeware and accessories leading the way over free-standing furniture that takes up much-needed floor space.

In compact city homes, some of our most biggest surfaces have been the most underused. But now, clever design is catapulting our walls, ceilings and awkward corner spaces firmly into the spotlight.

Cyclists are parking bikes on walls instead of blocking hallways, while those working from home are making full use of geometric wall shelves and collapsible work spaces.

Here are our top picks for ‘on the wall’ storage that’s both functional and stylish...

1. Sara Mellone side table

Assembled in only a few seconds, this little side table can be hung on the wall to store then removed and twisted together when needed.


It costs £240, from www.saramellone.com, Buy it now

2. John Lewis wall desk

This desk attaches to your wall, a modern mix of metal and oak. There's plenty of space for a laptop and, when closed, it's perfect for storing a tablet or phone.


It costs £169.00, from www.johnlewis.com, Buy it now

3. Trophy bike rack

A fun and easy way to get bikes out of narrow hallways. This stylish Trophy Bull bike holder makes the ideal gift - and fits most bikes.


Available from www.cuckooland.com for £89, Buy it now

4. John Lewis chair hooks

Three cleverly designed painted metal hooks, sturdy enough to hang even a chair.


£8, from www.johnlewis.com, Buy it now

5. Esme wall desk

With beautiful rounded edges, this wall-mounted desk is aesthetic and practical. It folds up when not in use, perfect for hiding away office clutter.


It costs £149, from www.made.com, Buy it now

6. Tom Raffield Long coat hook

A unique and functional accessory, made from one single curve of English oak that has been steam-bent in designer Tom Raffield's signature style.


Available from www.tomraffield.com, it costs £345, Buy it now

7. Marble wall shelf with buffalo leather straps

A classic marble shelf with buffalo leather wall fixings - a stylish addition to any home.


It's £85, from www.notonthehighstreet.com, Buy it now

8. Wall-mounted magazine racks

These geometric-shaped metal magazine racks are perfect for storing and displaying favourite items.


Available from www.notonthehighstreet.com, priced at £60, Buy it now

9. Sara Mellone brass coat rack

This coat rack by Sara Mellone has been crafted from one sheet of brass, with circles folded out to create hooks for jackets.


Priced from £22, available at www.saramellone.com, Buy it now

10. Clug bike rack

The smallest things can make the biggest difference. There are no winches, hooks or balancing acts involved with this minimal bike rack.


It costs £16 from www.bricklanebikes.co.uk, Buy it now

11. New twigs orange wall rack 

An extra hook - or eleven - is an ingenious way of organising hallways and entrances tight on space.


This sculptural steel wall rack is available for £312 from www.asplashofcolour.com, Buy it now

12. Julu laundry dryer

A modern twist on old-fashioned ceiling airers, this pine laundry ladder rests on wall-mounted hooks - so it can be stored on the wall year-round or easily put away.


Priced from £149, available at www.notonthehighstreet.com. Buy it now

13. Hexagon shelves

An eye-catching way to arrange and display your favourite items, the fittings are hidden too which is an extra plus.


From www.notonthehighstreet.com, priced at £195. Buy it now

14. Oggetto peg rail

A beautiful blend of steel and oak, this rail makes a stunning design feature in any living space.


From £120, available at www.oggetto.com. Buy it now

15. Dot .Bar

Made from a single oak beam, this contemporary rack is a useful way of keeping work spaces and living areas clutter free.


Available from www.dot-home.co, priced at £78. Buy it now


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