Fifteen of the best: home fitness accessories

Before you commit to another fancy gym membership this January, why not consider working out in the comfort of your own home...

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For many of us, getting into shape will be high on our list of new year resolutions. Gyms up and down the country will be packed with a fresh set of well-meaning gym bunnies proudly showing off their Christmas kit while tackling marathon training programmes.

But if queuing for a running machine or waiting for muscle man to finish curling in the squat rack isn't high on your list of New Year priorities, then picking up some exercise equipment for your home is a more convenient way to kick-start your new fitness regime in style.

Easy-grip dumbbells are the ideal beginner's tool, in a wide range of weights that are perfect for first-timers and more experienced athletes.

A smart turbo bike trainer can be connected to your phone to tailor your indoor workouts to whatever resistance suits you best. It can even simulate a six per cent incline. Perfect for fair weather cyclists - or those daunted by the prospect of negotiating busy cycle lanes on dark, frosty mornings.

Stunning Ciclotte exercise bikes look the part if you're willing to splurge. Available in a range of colours and high-end materials, you'll actually want to show off this stationary bike in your living space rather than hide it away.

And what's not to love about coming home after a long, winter run to massage your over-tightened muscles on a hard core foam roller...

With equipment that's easy to store or looks too good to stash, you'll be looking and feeling your best in plenty of time to make the most of that auto-renewed gym membership you forgot about - or get out in the parks - once the New Year crowds start to peeter out.

Take a tour of our top home fitness ideas in the gallery above...

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