Design trends: wireless hi-fis

The latest streaming hi-fis put a world of music at your fingertips - anywhere in your home
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1. Cambridge Audio Minx Air
The best of both worlds, this has AirPlay (for Apple devices) and Bluetooth (works with all brands). Control it with an app on your smartphone or tablet. Plus you can instantly access your five favourite internet radio stations just by pressing buttons on top of the speaker. From £329.95. Visit
2. Loewe Airseaker
A gorgeous wireless speaker in aluminium, with a top inset that can be custom-made in any RAL Classic colour to match your décor. And it sounds as good as it looks, but note that it uses AirPlay, so it only works with Apple devices. Visit
3. Bowers & Wilkins A5
This minimal monolith is AirPlay only. So it works exclusively with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and computers running iTunes. Its clean lines and detailed sound will impress. But if you don't have an Apple phone or tablet, forget it. £399.99, or for wireless listening in a big space get its big brother, the A7 (£699.99). See
4. Sonos Playbar
This elegant soundbar sits under your TV making it sound much better — but it does so much more. For example, it wirelessly streams your music collection and online music services to other Sonos players around the house. Plus you can add other speakers wirelessly for surround sound. £599. Visit
5. Pure Jongo S3
The colourful S3 wirelessly streams music from your smartphone, tablet or computer using Bluetooth. It sounds good played solo, but you can also team it up with another S3 for a bigger, stereo sound. What is more, it's rechargeable with a 10-hour battery life, so you can listen in the garden or on the balcony, too. £169.99 in black, white, burnt orange, mango or lime. Visit
6. Denon Piccolo
A modern take on a classic hi-fi, this looks like a mini system, but there's no CD player. It connects wirelessly to your PC or Mac, streams music from services such as Spotify, and uses AirPlay to stream directly from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. £400 including speakers. See
7. Bayan Audio Streamport
Fix this small Bluetooth gadget into your existing hi-fi, press a button and within a minute or two it's connected wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet. A simple, affordable way to stream your favourite music through your best speakers. And you can tuck it out of sight behind the hi-fi once it's set up. £59.99. Visit

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