Design trends: the good life

From colourful water carriers and water-saving gadgets, to jam-making kits and shelves for your home-grown veg - get the good life has never looked better
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1. Painted stainless-steel water carriers hold up to 25 litres of water and are perfect for picnics or just being outdoors. They come in three colours, £95 each. Visit
2. These little birds are painted in oil- and acrylic-free wood stains that come in 12 colours and are touch dry in 15 minutes from Earth Born Paints; £22 for 750ml. Visit
3. Get jamming at Lakeland, the kitchen store that has everything you need for preserving your home-made preserves, chutneys and cordials, from glass jars (from £6.99 for a pack of 12) to labelling packs with toppers, tags and twine (£5.29 for a pack of 20). Visit
4. Keep your home-grown vegetables garden fresh in this sturdy wooden vegetable store, £95. Visit
5. Save up to £240 and 56,000 litres of water a year with Ecocamel’s new Jetstorm shower, which mixes air with the water to deliver a powerful shower with much less water. £49.95. Visit
6. How to Harvest Water (National Trust Books, £5.99) is a new book that makes an important point: water supplies are not going down, we are simply using much more of it. There are handy everyday tips on using less.
7. The Nogg Chicken Coop is a must-have for all chic chicks and is made with sustainably sourced cedar; designed to house up to four hens. £1,950. Visit
8. The new Bosch AquaStar calls itself the most water efficient dishwasher in the world as it uses only 6.5 litres of the precious stuff to wash a full load. £519. Visit

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