Design trends: techie gym kit

Turbo charge your weekly gym sessions - or walk a half marathon while typing away at your desk - with the latest hi-tech gadgets.
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Best known for its Kinesis "fitness walls", available in Harrods, Technogym also makes the best-looking machines for cardiovascular training, and they needn't take up lots of floor space. The Spazio Forma treadmill (pictured, £2,950) folds vertically to take up less than one square metre. Sideways, it measures less than 80cm, narrower than a doorway. And it's on wheels, so you can easily move it from room to room.

Technogym's new Cross Personal elliptical trainer (£9,379) looks so good you won't want to hide it, with a sleek design by Antonio Citterio and an internet-connected touchscreen to entertain you, complete with builtin Dolby surround sound.

The new Technogym Wellness Ball (£230) is an exercise ball that's also a chair. It's designed for active sitting, making you use your core muscles to help you maintain the correct posture as you sit at your home office desk. Visit


From £59:
track your eating habits with HAPIfork and share the data with your dietician (
Now even your fork can spy on you. Meet the HAPIfork (about £59, plus shipping from the US) which has built-in motion sensors that monitor your eating habits — speed, how many forkfuls etc — and vibrates to alert you to slow down.

The theory is that it takes 20 minutes for the body to register that you feel full, so slowing down helps you to eat less. You can track your eating habits on a smartphone app and share the data with your friends, or your dietician. Visit


From £1,995: the boxing-inspired Nexersys has an onscreen personal trainer to spar with (
Make training fun and interactive with the boxing-inspired Nexersys (from £1,995), small enough to fit in a corner of the room. An onscreen personal trainer spars with you and talks you through warming up, working out and cooling down. Your performance is measured and sessions are progressive, based on your personal workout history. The Pro model (£4,995) is more solidly built and has touchscreen controls. Visit


From £1,499:
walk half a marathon in a working day with treadmill desks (
Treadmill desks are a way for anyone with a home office to get more active and banish back pain. You simply walk, slowly, as you work. A speed of between two and four miles per hour is enough to keep your posture dynamic.

And the benefit of all that activity builds up — it doesn't feel like much, but you'll find yourself walking a half marathon in a working day. LifeSpan offers a range of treadmill desks (from £1,499) and also upright bikes (from £999) that take up no more space than an office chair and let you pedal as you work. Visit


Scales and apps that track your every move:
right, the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer (£129.95); left, the Withings Pulse (£89.95),
"Quantified self" are the new health and fitness buzzwords, relating to clever gadgets and apps that track your performance. The Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer (£129.95) is an elegant set of glass scales that recognises each member of the family and wirelessly beams their weight, body fat percentage and heart rate to a smartphone app, along with room temperature and CO2 levels to measure air quality. The app offers graphs and goals, basically tracking and obsessing over your weight so you don't have to.

Activity trackers such as the Withings Pulse (£89.95) are like hi-tech pedometers that you wear as you would a watch. They measure your movements and send the data wirelessly to a smartphone app, where it's saved and turned into graphs.

You can see how far you've walked, run or climbed in a day, how many extra calories you've burned from being active, your average heart rate, and even find out how well you've slept — the sleep graphs offer a fascinating insight into your nights. Visit

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