Design trends: space savers

The average new-build one-bedroom flat in London is smaller than a Tube carriage. These clever products let you enjoy all the latest mod cons even when space is at a premium.
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1. Panasonic NC-ZA1
The best-tasting coffees come from beans, not capsules. But who wants the clutter or hassle of a grinder? This £899 Panasonic is the smallest bean-to-cup espresso machine you can buy, with a footprint barely bigger than a sheet of A4 paper. Add a compact milk tank (£54.99) to make cappuccino, latte, even a three-striped macchiato as good as any barista. Visit
2. Whirlpool Max
This mini microwave's curved-back design makes it perfect for the corner of a work surface. The interior is curved too, so while it technically has a 13-litre capacity it has the same cooking space as a 20-litre model, on a standard 28cm turntable. From £150, in a range of bright colours. Visit
3. Tefal Ingenio
These pans with removable handles stack inside each other for storage. With the handles off the pans are ovenproof, great for serving to the table and easy to fit in the dishwasher. They can be lidded to store leftovers. Pans start at £20; full set £180 for enamel, £250 for induction. From
4. Dyson DC49
Dyson's classic "ball" cylinder cleaner, redesigned for the Japanese market, is the DC49 (£349.99). It's 30 per cent smaller than the DC47, lighter and quieter, but with equal performance. The body weighs just 2.7kg. Visit
5. Canon Imageformula P-208
This £150 Canon scanner is barely bigger than a ruler (312.5mm x 55.5mm x 40mm) and weighs just 600g. It can automatically scan 10 sheets in a row and documents can be scanned on both sides at once. Perfect for digitising old photos or emailing paperwork. An optional wi-fi battery pack lets you scan straight to iPad. Visit
6. Lenovo Ideacentre Q190
This is the world's smallest full desktop computer. Whether watching HD TV or running a home office, the Q190 (from £299.99) only takes up 22mm x 155mm worktop space. Visit
7. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
The latest Kindle (from £109) is the size of a slim paperback but can store up to 1,100 books. The illuminated e-ink screen lets you read after dark without eyestrain. Books download instantly when purchased and classic fiction can be downloaded free. Visit
8. Infocus IN8606
This home cinema projector can give you a big, high-definition, 3D-ready picture — measuring up to 10m diagonally on a screen or even a plain white wall. Mount the projector permanently, or pop it on the floor or coffee table for event TV, film nights, big matches and room-filling video games. Price £599 at

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