Design trends: recycling

Recycling is a lot easier if you are well organised. Help is at hand with design-friendly gadgets, from hi-tech sensor bins, to can crushers and compost bags
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Recycling, from re-using supermarket bags to composting vegetable scraps, is something all Londoners need to be doing - and it’s a lot easier if you are well organised. Begin by ensuring you have the right number of bins to be able to sort cans from compost and papers from plastics.

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If colour is your thing, Brabantia’s Touch Bin comes customised in more than 200 shades (£286 each) or choose from a range of six bold hues (£220 each)
Simplehuman’s clever rubbish bins for gadget lovers and the design-conscious, include its smart “touch-free” Sensor Can, where a simple wave of the hand over the bin makes its lid glide open; it shuts automatically after a few seconds. The 55-litre touch-free Rectangular Sensor Bin costs £249.99. Visit
To save space, rubbish can be crushed: use a simple can crusher or upgrade to an electric Krüshr (in three sizes, from £599 to £999), which compacts everything from metals and plastics to paper and card - reducing the volume by up to 75 per cent. Visit
Simplehuman sells an odour-absorbing compost pail (£49.99) to keep in the kitchen. Visit
Home Recycling's simple steel can crusher £19.50. Visit
Brabantia’s fully biodegradable bags for compost waste; £4.50 for 10 bags. Visit
Home Recycling’s set of three recycling bags, £5.95. Visit

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