Design trends: James Hunt-inspired race chic

Racetrack chic adds glamour to London homes as the movie Rush packs cinemas with its story of the rough-edged rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda
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1. This Flying Finish bespoke wall mural is from the Getty Images Gallery Collection at Surface View. Priced £55 a square metre from (0118 922 1327).
2. The handmade Cobra Classic retro sofa costs from £669 and comes in various colours and trims to order. Available from (0115 9893488).
3. Racing car beds are popular with kids. This one is the Joseph Turbo, priced at £319, from
4. Vamping up a car scrapyard (and adding his famous logo) is French fashion doyen Jean Paul Gaultier, whose tough-looking Fangio fabric is in fact a soft cotton velvet. Price is £119 a metre (in three colours) from Lelievre (020 7352 4798;
5. Enterprising engineer John Haigh picks over discarded car parts in the Red Bull Formula 1 Milton Keynes workshop to get the raw ingredients for his unusual home design, including floor lamps mirrors and vases. The engines have an "inner beauty," he says. He can add finishes that include chromium plating, or even gold, "but most people want the raw look of the machine, oozing racing history", adds Haigh.
6. Gergely Bajzáth, based in Rigside near Lanark in Scotland, makes coffee tables from old engines ( It started with a BMW M3, and was followed by a Ford V4, Subaru boxer, a Vauxhall 1600 and so on 20 tables within a year. His customers are all over the country, and he has even shipped to Australia. Powder-coating, glass cuttings and sandblasted engraving is outsourced to local specialists. Prices start from around £350-£500. Shown here is his most expensive table so far a McLaren original Formula 1 engine, which came with a certificate from Ron Dennis (head of the McLaren team). It has a dual-toughened safety glass top, engraved with McLaren and Marlboro logos, and costs £2,300.
7. This Andrew Martin Grand Prix cushion costs £60 from John Lewis. See or call 08456 049 049.
8. Designer Grant Macdonald loves the "engineering excellence" of Aston Martins, whose carbon fibre bodies have inspired this Carbon range of patterned china and silver. Dinner plates cost £150, with salad plates at £95. Mugs are £29.95, and a tea cup and saucer costs £150, with coffee cup and saucer at £140.

Available from Harrods, SW1 or from (call 020 7633 0278).
9. Gearbox oil filters from a Red Bull Formula 1 racing car have been elevated into salt and pepper pots. Details include pressure relief valves, filter end caps, dispensing inserts and carbon spacers. Price is £1,795 plus VAT. From Racing Gold (07786 066 222;
10. Set of Ferrari Shield espresso cups, £29, from

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