Design trends: home security

The latest gizmos to help keep your home safe.
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This lock retro-fits to timber front doors to secure your home without the need for keys. Instead, you memorise a four- to 12-digit PIN code. No more losing keys, no need to carry keys when you go for a run, and if you want to let a friend into the house simply tell them the code. You can even set up a temporary code for house guests or cat sitters and then delete it once they leave. From £99.99. Visit

A camera system that makes it easy to watch over several homes at once. If a VueZone camera detects motion, it sends a short video clip to your smartphone, tablet or PC. Or you can log in to view a live video feed at any time and see what your teenage kids are up to. The starter kit costs £247.17 and includes two battery-powered cameras plus a gadget that connects them to your broadband. Subscriptions start for free and range up to £69.99 a year for the Elite service, which lets you keep track of up to 15 cameras across three locations. Visit


One of the best burglar deterrents is to make your home look occupied when you are out. QMotion shades, from £674, are as easy to install as a normal blind because their technology is hidden inside the roller. Even the batteries, which have a five-year life, are hidden. And there are no cords, so the blinds are safer for young children. Adjust by remote control — from £63 — or use QSync, at £359, for smartphone or tablet control of up to 450 blinds at once... which may be a little over the top. You can also set times and heights for each blind, so they open and close daily, even if you are away. Visit


This smoke and carbon monoxide alarm from Nest is both beautiful and clever. If you have several alarms in the house, they can be wirelessly linked to go off at once. They also link to a smartphone app, so if Nest Protect notices a tiny amount of smoke — because you've burnt the toast, for example — it sends a "heads up" message to your phone so you can take action before the alarm proper activates. Should the alarm go off, simply wave to silence it. The alarm has a human voice as well as a loud horn, because children can easily sleep through beeping alarms. Priced £109 from


Keep your entire home at your fingertips while you are away with LIGHTWAVERF's Modular range of intelligent dimmers, radiator valves, sockets and sensors. Use your smartphone to control heating, lighting and power. Working late at the office? Use the app to close the curtains and turn on the lights but leave the heating off until half an hour before you get home. Meanwhile, motion sensors can trigger a siren, or launch a security camera that then sends live video to your phone or tablet. Starter kits from £179.99. Visit


A HomeMonitor security camera, £149.99, needs no disruptive wiring — it simply plugs into the mains and uses wifi. It records constantly and can see in the dark. Videos are stored free online for seven days, or view live video via any smart device. You get free alerts when the camera detects motion, letting you log on to check whether it's an intruder and not the cat. Visit


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