Design news: colour co-ordinated in the kitchen

Injecting a touch of colour into everyday objects is a quick and easy way to update all kitchen styles
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Kenwood's boutique toasters, £49.99 each, come in a host of delicious colours and, along with kettles, are part of the smart kMix range. To see the full range, visit houseoffraser.
Divertimenti has a range of colourful, bendable silicone baking utensils designed to inspire children and adults alike, from £6.64. It also sells hand-held citrus juicers from £7.66
Kenwood's classic kMix stand mixer, which comes with a range of attachments, is being launched this week in a limited-edition range of stripes at £399. Visit
Lakeland's new cook-and-store pans come with detachable handles and also with storage lids, so you can use them to keep food and save space in the fridge/freezer. They cost £89.99 for a colourful four-piece set. For details, visit
Occa-Home's lime-green teapot (£50) is made in France and designed by Emile Henry. One of many good things on the new website. See

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