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As Maharaja opens at the V&A, your Indian summer starts here. BY Katie Law and Philippa Stockley
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Folk table
Bedside cabinet


A touch of hand-painted charm always works. Plumo has a floral, hand-painted folk table, size 45x45x15cm for just £69.

A bedside cabinet, with Thirties élan, hammered and silvered in India, with two drawers, measures 35cm x 45cms x 32cms and costs £189 at

Tin trunk

The India Shop

Get the last of these sweet and useful hand-painted tin trunks from Rajasthan in blue/green or bright red at They cost £49.99 each with £3.99 p&p on top.


V&A Shop

The V&A shop is good at exhibition-related merchandise. For a bit of fun, buy a paisley parasol for £25 (Paisley is really an Indian design); or get a lovely copy of a turban jewel brooch from West Bengal - that you could also use to catch back a light silk curtain, price £20 - from


Graham and Green

Delicate Indian metalwork, fretwork and inlay, is rightly famous for its time-consuming craftsmanship. This pretty royal-blue, bone-inlaid mirror from Graham and Green would work just as well in a bathroom or hall. Priced at £250 each, visit
H&P Shop: get £20 off every £100 you spend at Graham and Green until 19 October 2009



Malabar has been making hand-loomed, traditional high-quality textiles for years. Beautiful check and stripe cottons from £24 a metre, silks from £25 a metre. This hammock is made from the cotton Zaika collection (£25 a metre). Shop online at


An Angel At My Table

If you are in a hurry to get the Indian look, find these Bird of Paradise cushions at, printed on velvet and costing only £25. Pure exotic luxury.


V&A Shop

The V&A shop has two versions of a punched, hollow metal-work stool. Both are light and portable and rather drum-like. Surprisingly comfortable to sit on, they are stunning and a good buy at £150 each. Choose from the Tam Tam (pictured) or Zigzag. Visit

Felt rugs

Felt rugs

A key ingredient of a Maharaja’s palace was textiles. Powerful armies found comfort in tents draped with fabrics, cushions, and carpets that could be rolled up and piled on an elephant when it was time to move. Next to paint, they transform the home faster and more cheaply than anything else. Buy the best quality you can afford.

Felt Rugs stocks gorgeous hand-stitched rugs from Rajasthan. These appliquéd rugs may remind you of Matisse. Prices start from £300; visit

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