Decorating trends

Colour is an invaluable tool for producing the perfect garden scheme, allowing you to create an individual look and striking first impression
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Blend or contrast

Plan your flower beds to accentuate the exterior colours of your home – use dramatic colour combinations to give your garden and home a distinctive look.

Play with colours to change shape

Bold colours advance towards you, whereas cooler shades recede away from you. To make a long, narrow garden appear more square, paint the end boundary wall or fence a darker colour than the others.

Brighten shaded areas

Use lighter colours, such as pale blues, pastel pinks or bright whites, to lighten dark spaces.

Create a feeling of space

Use a monochromatic scheme and add interest by introducing lighter and darker versions of the same colour. The overall effect will be complete calm however strong the colour.

Change moods

Choose paler shades of colour for a restful atmosphere and bright, bold tones for a more dramatic look. Use strong colours to create a centrepiece or focal point - try Blazer No212, Lulworth Blue No89 or Orangery No70 for vibrant, visual excitement.

For a contemporary look

Combine dramatically dark leaves with light pink and white flower heads, underplanted with succulent foliage against a backdrop wall of Farrow & Ball Brinjal No222.

For a traditional cottage look

Surround vivid reds and buttercup yellows with a picket fence painted in Farrow & Ball Green Blue No84.

For the perfect Mediterranean look

Farrow & Ball Red Earth No64 is a perfect accompaniment to zesty citrus fruits, geraniums and silvery foliage.

About Farrow & Ball

With the Farrow & Ball palette of more than 100 colours available in Exterior Masonry Paint, Exterior Egghsell, Oil Full Gloss and Limewash, choice of colour in the garden has never been greater.

Farrow & Ball is a colour expert and renowned manufacturer of beautiful paints and wallpapers. Farrow & Ball Estate® Emulsion gives a chalky, matt finish, and all Farrow & Ball paints are highly pigmented, resulting in colours of great depth. Making 100 per cent of its paint and wallpaper, Farrow & Ball stands apart as Britain’s only paint manufacturer to produce a full range of modern and traditional finishes, made by traditional methods to original formulations.

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