Clever gadgets

Take a spin with Oxo Good Grips; and keep your outdoor bins in order with BoxDock and BinDock.
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Salad spinners, £25

Take a spin

Oxo Good Grips
Pop is the new food storage system from Oxo Good Grips, the company that specialises in well-designed kitchenware.

There are 11 different airtight containers that stack and stand and are see-through, so you can find things easily.

Other gadgets worth having are salad spinners that need only one hand (right; £25), mango splitters (£6.50), which remove fibrous seeds with one press, cherry and olive pitters (£9), swivel peelers (£4.75), a colander with sprung legs for easy balance (£25) and the Pour and Store watering can with a rotating spout (£8.50).

Oxo products are available at kitchen shops and department stores. For general information, call 0114 290 1455, or email

Boxdock and Bindock

Waste away

The Natural Wood Foor Company

Keep your outdoor bins in order with The Natural Wood Floor Company’s BoxDock and BinDock.

Made from sustainably sourced European oak, it will keep at least two recycling boxes and a wheelie bin in their place.

The self-assembly structure costs £145.

For more information, call 020 8871 9771, or visit

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