20 20 Vision at 100% Design

20 20 Vision is a photographic installation to celebrate the 20th anniversary of 100% Design, at Earls Court.
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Chris Eckersley, exhibited at 100% Design 1996-2002,  photographed outside his home/studio in Herefordshire with his prototype designs for contemporary Windsor chairs. (Image: Barbara Chandler)

Attracting architects, interior designers and industry insiders from all over the world, 100% Design is an annual showcase of contemporary design, now in its' 20th year.  The four-day extravaganza at Earls Court has more than 400 exhibitors, hundreds of product launches and a packed programme of seminars.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of 100% Design, a 16-metre photographic installation will line one of the walls at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

20 20 Vision (Stand E450), produced by design expert and photographer Barbara Chandler, highlights the importance of 100% Design to the growth of this industry. Chandler has visited 20 past exhibitors at 100% Design, and taken photographs that reflect their present success.

"In 1995, the show was a completely new type of venture, attracting, as it happened, a new wave of talent. So I chose to feature many designers/entrepreneurs from the early years – notably Sheridan Coakley and Mark Jonas who were on the first organising committee. Indeed co-founder of the show, Ian Rudge, told me (on a trip to photograph Guy Mallinson in Dorset) that the initial idea for 100% was hatched up between him and Mark in a pub in Weybridge…which Mark later confirmed," says Chandler. 

Barbara visited all of her subjects on their home ground, working with them to achieve a photograph that reflects their current design activities. Each designer has also shared what 100% Design has meant to them.

Says Barbara Chandler: “A particular strength of 100% Design was that all would-be exhibitors had to go before a selection committee and as many as half might be turned down. Participants have told me of their huge joy when they heard they had been selected. Committee members were drawn from all around the industry: including architects, designers, manufacturers, retailers, academics, curators, and even journalists, all of whom (without pay and putting in long hours) were dedicated to excellence. Indeed 100% Design is as much testimony to the enthusiasm and commitment of the whole design industry as it is to commercial enterprise.”
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